Autumn Walks

Autumn is so colourful and the best time for walking through trees with the children and our dog.  Despite this, I find getting out of the house is still sometimes difficult.  With our youngest child 5, it is definitely a lot easier than it used to be as we don’t have a buggy or a nappy bag to pack and, mostly, the children can get themselves ready with shoes and jackets on.  But, there’s 4 of them, all individual people (or some not so little!) and it seems that there’s always someone who doesn’t want to go, is too engrossed in a game or drawing or thinks it’ll be too cold, or they’re tired or they cant find two socks!


Once we’re out, its always fun.  Everyone enjoys being out and running about and they are always glad they got ready and left the house.

I try to make sure we are out a lot.  It can be so easy, especially when its cold, to just stay cosy in the warmth of our home, watching movies or doing crafts, but I find this is appreciated more when we come home from a chilly walk, get into jammies and sip a lovely hot chocolate and read a story or watch a movie.

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