Snuggling with a story

As a family we are trying to stick to reading altogether, daily.  I have always liked the idea of this and for a long time we have done it a bit and then got out of the way of it.

Our children are 14, 10, 7 and 5.  I read to my 5 year old at bedtime most nights and if I forget then he reminds me, and so we stick to it.  My 7 year old mostly likes to read aloud to me or to sit reading alone but beside me, so its like we are doing it together.  He likes to show me how much he has read and we talk about what he has read, afterwards.

A few nights ago, we finished reading my 5 year old his “Jesus book” as he calls it. He liked me to read it to him in my bed. It’s a small children’s picture bible he got at his dedication.  My 7 year old would then come and listen in sometimes and then lie beside me in bed while he read his own picture bible.  His is the children’s action storybook bible. He is still working through that a few nights a week.

When I read aloud to the younger ones in the daytime, the older ones come and sit and listen in too, so now I make it a thing to sit down daily and I read a few chapters to them, while they draw, or snack or just sit listening.



Today we finished reading The Boxcar Children.  We started reading this book in August!  We got out of the way of reading that because we were dipping in and out of other shorter books. We plan to watch the Boxcar Children movie and then move onto another book.  I think we have chosen Charlotte’s Web.  I read this to my 14 year old when she was about 8 and my boys are keen to hear it now too.



This time of year is just perfect for snuggling up with a story, when its about 4 pm and its already dark outside.

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