Our free trip to the zoo

Last week we went to Edinburgh Zoo, to watch a film as part of the Into Film Festival.

We saw a film about Jane Goodall, who researched chimpanzees.  The film was great and we also got to spend the day in the zoo afterwards, at no cost.

Into Film Festival runs each November and school groups and home educating families can watch movies for free.  Sometimes they are educational, like this one, and sometimes they are for entertainment. We have also booked to see a few more over the next couple of weeks.

November is a long, dark and hard month for us I find.  I don’t know if its the same for other home educating families, but after the lovely freedoms of summer, playing outside each day, I find November is difficult as its too early for the excitement of Christmas preparation and the warmth of summer is gone.


The zoo was really colourful as it had been set up for their Giant Lanterns of China event.  This is a mixture of ancient Chinese legends and Scottish myths and on display were massive unicorns, dragons, giants, the Loch Ness monster and loads more.

The boys were more interested in all these big colourful models, than the animals, really. I love animals and I’m not really sure what I feel about zoos.  Mostly I don’t like the idea of animals caged and away from their natural habitats, but a part of me thinks the educational side of them is good.

Into Film festival helps us through the lull that is November, before December comes are we can all prepare for the excitement of Christmas.





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