Funschooling Books

We do not use a curriculum, but we do have certain resources that we love.

Funschooling books are one thing we started using a while back and we love them!  I’m all for children following their own interests in their learning.  As adults, we too learn something much better if it is actually interesting or useful to us.  Funschooling books by the Thinking Tree allow children to write and draw about their own chosen interests.

There are loads of different books, all with different themes, which gently guide the child, but ultimately they are creating their own content for their books. Its basically an open ended journal, where they choose what to learn about.

DS10 has this book:

DS7 has this book:


And some others he has are (these photos are also links to Amazon UK)


We like this spelling journal because it asks him for lists of words, for example, “Find ten 5 letter words”.  DS7 wouldn’t know a lot of 5 letter words, but he likes flipping through books to find 5 letter words to write in.  This way he gets to see the spellings of words that he chooses, or wants to know rather than a list of spelling words to revise. It is done in a way that he could choose only words related to something he likes. For instance he could write ten words relating to animals, animation, youtube, anything really.

I’ll maybe do something showing the insides of these books another time, but there are reviews on youtube currently, showing the inside pages. A review of the first book I mentioned can be found here.

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I was not asked by the Thinking Tree to write this post, I just love their books!

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