Our IMAX Experience

Today we went to the last of our booked Into Film events, at IMAX to see A Beautiful Planet.  I have to say, at first, I found it a bit uncomfortable.  3D glasses make the experience so real and the shots of the astronauts inside the space station made me feel really claustrophobic, BUT… this quickly subsided when we saw Earth, from space.

We live on such a beautiful planet, and I was really struck by the female astronaut’s description of Earth as a space station – the idea that we are all on a space station that is taking us on a journey in space, and that we must see ourselves as crew members, rather than just passengers. That we must help each other and help to look after the planet, in the way that, in space, the astronauts all have to care for each other and their environment.

We saw some of the things that go on inside the  international space station, such as hair washing, espresso making and packing away their supplies delivery. We even saw how hard it was for one astronaut to get out of his spacesuit – we all giggled at this!


The view of Earth showed us some thunder storms, a tornado and some of the changes over time, due to climate change and was really thought provoking.

All the children enjoyed the film, some found the 3D effect a bit uncomfortable at times, but ultimately, they learned so much from it.

Last night I was working on a blog post, which explains my Christian faith and my belief that this world was created by God.  I will put that post out in the next week or so, but this film only reinforces my belief. We have an awesome creator and we live on an awesome planet!

For anyone interested to see a snapshot of the film, here is the trailer:

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