Library visit and WW1

To be honest, for the past year or so, we haven’t really been to the library very much at all.  Recently I have been trying not to spend so much money on books, have just cleared loads out to make space and so now we will be going regularly.

Personally, I like having my own copies of books, and my older kids feel this way too and prefer to know they have their own copy of a book to take time over.  We struggle with knowing it has to go back soon and this adds pressure I think.

There are some books we will still buy our own copies of, but for the most part we will try to make book borrowing a thing we do often.

When we arrived at the library, we were told the children were allowed to borrow 20 books each!!  This seemed excessive and the library assistant thought so too.  We went for 5 or 6 book per person limit to keep finding them by return day more manageable!



DS10 chose a book about sharks and a Middle School book.  Hes been reading through a few of his own copies of these, but he found one he didn’t have so that was great.  DS7 loves anything to do with survival, so he borrowed a Bear Grylls book as well as some Beast Quest stories. He also borrowed a Christmas crafts book, which we can all use soon. DS5, was a bit unsure what to borrow, and often he would just pick the first 5 books he finds.  DD14 read him a few books in the library and we ended up bringing home a small selection of different books to give him a variety.  He preferred to play on the little ride on train in the children’s area. DD14 didnt want to borrow anything as she is working her way through all the Harry Potter books, most of which we picked up at a charity shop, so she has enough to be getting on with.


There is a cenotaph outside our library and with it being November, it was covered in poppies, some of which were knitted which I thought was really nice. This meant lots of questions from the children on the way in to the library about what they were for, and how many people were in the war, and how many people died and how many people survived – all questions I admit I didn’t know the answers to, so I picked up some children’s books on WW1 to borrow so I can help them learn about it.






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