Lapbooking fun!

When my children want to make a lapbook, I get really excited to help! A lapbook is a collection of different elements presented in a folder in a creative way to show a record of learning on a particular subject. Examples of what can be added are tiny books, flaps, pieces folded into all sorts of shapes etc.  Typing “lapbooking” into pinterest will show a massive amount of fun ideas. Lapbooking is great for children who like to cut and glue and assemble crafty things or for those who like to have a physical record of their learning. It might not be so good for a child who doesn’t like this sort of thing, because it can take a bit of time but could just be ongoing for as long as the child is interested in adding more, so why not give it a try! Maybe if your child doesn’t like all the faff of cutting and sticking, he or she could just complete to facts, and an adult could do the cutting and assembly.

We like ready prepared elements to use for our lapbooks. The main site we use for lapbooking is There is a massive list of topics, and if your child wants to do a topic not listed there are always blank pieces you can make so you can do things your own way. On homeschoolshare the lapbooking resources are free, but you have to print the pieces out so there is the cost of ink and paper, and you’ll need a folder or two for each one.  We use HP instant Ink, which I think must be our most useful home ed resource and for folders we used cardboard manilla folders and cut the sides off.



These are some of the pieces for a shark lapbook my DS10 recently made.  He completed this in one day, working for about 4 hours.  Ordinarily, we would work on a lapbook in a few sittings, but he wanted to keep going with this!



Homeschoolshare, where we got the pieces for this lapbook, also give you all the information you need – all the facts about sharks (or other topic) that are needed, and instructions for where the facts should go. Of course, you don’t have to follow this, but we chose to.

DS10’s completed lapbook is shown below.  We stuck two folders together so the lapbook could open out more to make room for all the pieces. DS10 really enjoyed making this and bring it out to show grandparents or to just look over it again every now and then.  The topics you could base lapbooks on are endless!

Go on , give it a try!

46403342_257357438294747_1803784967516323840_n (1)


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