Christmas crafts & Jesus


Crocheting stockings

December is a bit of a craft-fest in our house​. It is one of the best months of the year with nativity practice, Christmas markets, decorating and wrapping gifts.

December is when I really get to work on crafts, myself. I have been crocheting stockings for the all of us. It’s a lot of work for essentially one day’s use, but I plan to store them in the loft along with the Christmas decorations to be used every year.


Christmas stockings this messy mama

This week we will decoupage some decorations I got from Hobbycraft.


I also got this little sewing kit that I know one of my boys will love doing.

Despite the busyness of December we also take time to be still and remember the reason for the season.


We try to teach our children in way that helps them remember that Christmas is not all about getting toys. They do obviously love getting toys and other gifts on Christmas day, but we have never done “Santa”, because that’s not what Christmas is about for us. Our children know that mum and dad buy their presents and that it’s not for being good or being on the “nice list”.

We decided early on that we wouldn’t make a big deal of Santa and we don’t believe our children are disadvantaged because of this. They know that, in our house and many other Christian homes, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

2 thoughts on “Christmas crafts & Jesus

    • this messy mama says:

      Thanks! I didn’t use a pattern but I can try to explain how I did it.

      (I can only crochet blankets and very basic shapes so far).

      Starting at the bottom I chained 50 then made 6 rows of treble stitch for the ‘foot’ area. The top row of the six, though, I rounded at the end by doing double stitch, reducing for 3 stitches at each end.

      (I added a chain at each end before turning my work).

      I then started on the ‘leg’.

      I used safety pins to mark off the area, leaving 10 stitches at both sides. So the middle 30 stitches would be worked into.

      I then again treble stitched 15 rows (1ch for turning work).

      I then folded it longways and sewed up the side and bottom and will attach a hanging ribbon!

      I changed colours as I pleased and either used chunky acrylic or two colours of DK together.

      Hope this helps!


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